Intro Course A: What is a Personal Computer?

Intro Course A:
What is a Personal Computer?

A Personal Computer is a multi-purpose electronic device with a screen and a keyboard, that is intended for the use of a single non-technical user.

Laptop Computer

Desktop Computer Tower

Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

What can you do with a Personal Computer, or PC?

A Personal Computer, or PC, can be used for a wide range of purposes; you can send messages to friends, learn to type, write letters, draw pictures, compose music, research hobbies, play games, and much more!

What are the main types of personal computers?

There are two main types of personal computers: Desktops and Laptops. A Desktop computer is used in one place, usually a desk, and does not move from place to place. A Laptop computer can be carefully moved from room to room, or even from house to house.

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