Our Sunday Morning Leagues consist of Young Men – forty players ages thirty to thirty-nine, Masters – forty players ages forty to forty-nine, and Solid Gold – forty players ages fifty and beyond. This is a year round program for the young and the old.

We also have a great program for our youth, but we are limited to summer months only, because indoor facilities are out of our reach financially; we are a non-profit organization.

The monies we generate allow us to operate our summer youth program, which consist of team shirts for each child, field trips, food at the end of each camp day, refreshments, score books, basketballs, first aid kits, disinfectants, scouring powder, soaps, toilet tissue, and paper towels.

We think our youth program should stay in force the full year. We build up a relationship with the youth and their parents for three months in the summer and we lose contact for the next nine months. All that has been gained is subject to be lost because of not having a place to continue the program.

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